Welcome, dear Couple!

The desire to start a family is the basic need of each human being. The wish to have own children is the most natural in the world.

However, so obviously this yearning may be, a heavy strain lies on a couple if over a long time period the child blessing fails to appear. Questions, doubts and insecurity builds up and the partnership can be put on a very hard trial.

With our experience we stand by your side to show possible ways to fulfil your child wish. With pleasure, we would like to inform you in a personal meeting about possibilities of treatment, their prospects of success and risks.

We help nature to grow!

For the Team of the Fertility Center Mittelhessen

Dr. Amir Hajimohammad

Dr. Amir Hajimohammad





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Therapy-accompanying acupuncture

To provide optimal terms for a pregnancy.




Information evening

The next information evening will take place on 15.11.2017 at 7:00pm.




Treatment with Donor Sperm

The treatment with donor sperm in cases of absence of suitable sperm is possible since December 2008.